Below is a list of the silent auction items with lot numbers and pictures. Every one of these items belonged to Don and had a special place in his heart, Whether it was the autographed memorabilia, to his love of Texas sports, or the things he loved to collect on his travels. For those of you who do not know how a silent auction works there will be a piece of paper in front of each item with a lot number and the description. On each line a person can put their name contact number, and a bid on that item. At 8:00p.m., we will pick up the papers and see who has the highest bid, announce the winner, and collect the money for charity. Please stay until that time if you think you are going to win.

For people who cannot make it to the memorial and want to bid on something you can email me at with your absolutely highest bid for the item you want and your contact information. If you want to bid that way, please get me your bid before May 10, 2021 and if you email me, please put silent auction in the subject line and the lot number. The items will be numbered so they will be easy to identify. At the end of the silent auction, I will check the highest bid on the item against your bid and if you win that item, I will set it aside and contact you. At that point you will be responsible not only for the cost of the item but also for any shipping costs, which will obviously be based on size, and a service charge if you pay by credit card. I hope everyone understands as again, this is all going to the center for battered women.

Lot 1

This is Don’s famous stingray jacket that he spent thousands of dollars on at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas. He loved this jacket but did not wear it often. It is very heavy and excellent craftsmanship from Bernini of Beverly Hills.

Starting Bid: $500.00

Lot 2

One 10×20 unframed picture of Don on some type of particle board given to him as a gag gift. It is very funny and one of a kind.

Starting Bid: $35.00


Lot 3

Don’s Framed skydiving certificate from 1993. Something he was very proud of getting off of his bucket list.

Starting Bid : $25.00

Lot 4

Framed autographed picture to Don from from Joe Sears and Jaston Williams of “Greater Tuna”. Austin old timers will know what that is all about

Staring bid $75.00

Lot 5

One framed picture collage of Don and friends working a carwash for one of the many charities he worked on, Mount Kilimanjaro Prostate Cancer Climb 2003.

Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 6

One 14×18 framed memorial for Clifford Anonte that Don made himself. Includes pictures of Don and Clifford together as well as a letter from Clifford to Don sealed in the frame. Truly a one of a kind original of two Austin legends!

Starting Bid: $100.00

Lot 7 Wood Star with Burnt Orange Highlights


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 8 Ceremonial Mask in Wood Case


Stating Bid: $40.00

Lot 9 Turquoise Longhorn Skull


Starting Bid: $50.00

Lot 10 Wood Framed Vince Young Texas Two-Step Sports Illustrated Cover


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 11 Laminated Article from the Austin American Statesman “It’s Good to Be King” 17”x11”5”

Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 12 Framed Vince Young Game Breaker Cover


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 13 Don Skydiving Framed Picture


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 14 Two Jesters from Heroes & Legacies

15” Tall

Starting Bid: $30.00

Lot 15 Turquoise Inlaid Mayan Woman Statue

15” Tall

Starting Bid: $30.00

Lot 16 Vintage 1950 Tie in Case


Starting Bid: $40.00

Lot 16 Don & Gary Spillane In Drag Framed Picture


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 17 Longhorn Painting in Wood Frame


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 18 Autographed Boxer Tommy Morrison Picture


Starting Bid: $50.00

Lot 19 Autographed and Worn Left-Handed Calloway Golf John Daily Glove   Starting Bid: $50.00

Lot 20 Framed Vince Young National Championship Jersey with No Glass


Starting Bid: $35.00

Lot 21 Ira Johnson Basketball Jersey Framed with Card Inside


Starting Bid: $35.00

Lot 22 Babe Ruth Framed Picture


Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 23 Portrait of Don in Metal Frame


Starting Bid: $30.00

Lot 24 Framed State of Texas With Emblem & Flag


Starting Bid: $35.00

Lot 25 Autographed Football in Acrylic Case. Includes Darrell Royal, Mack Brown, Ricky Williams, and Kenny Sims.

Starting Bid: $150.00

Lot 26 South American Wood Carving

24” Tall 

Starting Bid: $15.00

Lot 27 Hand Made Wood Bottles

Starting Bid $15.00

Lot 28

Don’s Infamous Golf Putter, Dallas Cowboys Edition

Staring Bid: $50.00

Lot 29 Wood Face Carving

Starting Bid: $20.00

Lot 30 Large Ceramic Face

Starting Bid: $15.00

Lot 31 Set of Four Small Ceramic Face Masks

Starting Bid: $25.00

Lot 32

Autographed Texas Longhorn Helmet Signed By Ricky Williams & Others

Starting Bid: $300.00